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35,000 copies of Sportdiving Magazine and Dive Log Australasia are distributed every two months - a total of 3,780,000 great pages reach scuba divers everywhere each year!

Sport Diving Magazine, now in its 40th year, is for dedicated scuba divers who buy dive equipment, dive travel, and dive services. Every two months 15,000 copies are distributed via Australian and Asian newsagents, dive retailers and worldwide subscribers. Sportdiving is the only independent Australian owned title reaching divers everywhere.
Sport Diving Distribution: Australia/Pacific Newsagents; Network Distribution; South-East Asia; MPH Magazine Distributors
Subscriptions Australia & overseas: Pack Centre Sydney

Dive Log Australasia, the only free-to-diver newspaper in Australia, has for 21 years had an unmatched diver readership; every month 10,000 copies go Australasia-wide through participating dive retailers.
Dive Log Distribution: Retail Outlets; Star Track Melbourne
Subscriptions: MOT Publications